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RV220W to RV220W no web page access

Further to Cisco Case # 620123711.

I still cannot get remote web page access by QuickVPNing from one RV220W router to a remote RV220W router.

Cisco has agreed to replace the router that is giving all the CRITICAL ERRORS and displaying screwy web pages locally.

However, I ran across something.

I can QUICKVPN into either RV220W from non-rv220w routers.  One is a NetGear that I do not know the setting of.  The other is a Cisco WRV210 that is in office #3.  The default remote management port on the WRV210 is set to 8080.  The default remote management ports of both RV220W's are 443. Now..., using that WRV210 to QuickVPN into either RV220W is a success, and I can then access the remote RV220W webpage.  However, I do not get a PADLOCK on the Explorer Bar telling me that I have a SSL connection.  See enclosed picture.

What does this mean?

Am I really on a https connection but just don't show it on the Explorer Bar?

Is the reason I cannot get the remote RV220W webpage to light off when QuickVPNing from the local RV220W is that they really are not able to initiate a connection on port 443? Or, do they just not like being both on port 443 at the same time using QuickVPN?

Any thoughts?



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