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RV220W wireless file transfer slow at 2MBps?

I have a RV220W operating in 2.4GHz N-only mode. Channel bandwidth is set to 20MHz, channel to 6 (a site survey shows that channel as completely clear), WPA2/AES. I am connected to a TrendNet wireless bridge. The admin page for that wireless bridge shows a link quality of 100% with a signal strength of 71%. If I select a higher channel (11), the signal strength drops to 51%.

I have a Windows 7 PC connected to the Trendnet bridge and a Windows 7 server connected to the RV220W, both via a 1Gbps LAN port. When I transfer a file from the server to the PC or vice versa, I get a lowsy 2MBps (~20Mbps) transfer rate. That seems awfully slow. I tried channel bonding from 20 to 40 MHz, but that did not help. What could I do to improve this??

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RV220W wireless file transfer slow at 2MBps?

Hello Awesterink,

Wireless is extremely subjective. To approach this, I would to break everything down starting at the basics.

  • Disconnect all wireless clients from the network
  • Remove the bridge from the network
  • Connect a single computer wireless to the RV220W
  • Connect from a close proximity of the router
  • Test the connection
  • Introduce more clients to the RV220W connection
  • Test the connection
  • Introduce the bridge to the connection
  • Test the connection
  • Test the connection through the bridge with 1 client
  • Test the connection through the bridge with more clients

Try to narrow down the break down as much as possible. For each change, test to see the result. Once you identify where things are bogging down, then we have a direction to go.

-Tom Please mark answered for helpful posts
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RV220W wireless file transfer slow at 2MBps?

Your stepped approach makes perfect sense, I'll give that a shot. Thanks for your reply.

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