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RV220W with BT Infinity and Static Public IP address

I've recently had BT Infinity installed with 5 static Public IP addresses.

Needless to say, the supplied BT Hub isn't really up to business standards - so it's been replaced with an RV220W router.

The router connects (via the supplied BT Openreach modem) via PPPoE and is allocated a dynamic IP Address.

Using one2one NAT I've tested that our static public ip addresses are reaching the router.

the RV220W router will be acting as a VPN endpoint as well as passing through certain services to servers.

I can configure the services to pass through using one2one NAT and individual static IP addresses, but the router doesn't use one of the static IP addresses for it's own - so I can't seem use a static IP address for the VPN endpoints.

Help please!

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Re: RV220W with BT Infinity and Static Public IP address

Fixed ...

After a bit of fiddling around (reading out of date manuals! Cisco can't you at least update your manuals!)

The answer is in Firewall -> Access Rules

Add rule

Connection Type - Inbound WAN > LAN

Action - Always Allow

Service - Any

Source IP - Any

Send to Local Server (DNAT IP) -

Use Other WAN (Internet) Address - Enable

WAN (Internet) Destination IP -

It's also possible to fix the outbound IP address using rules:

Connection Type - Outbound Lan > WAN

Action - Always Allow (or you can schedule it)

Service - Any (or you can allow specific services)

Source IP - Any

Destination IP - Any

Use this SNAT IP Address - Enable


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