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RV320\325 Question


Looking into purchasing this unit.

  1. Does anybody know if it supports 802.3ad on the lan side?
  2. SSL login (predominately so I can automate reboots of the unit, if needed)

Also, please share any experiences you have had with it. Looking for something that will run close to 24/7/365. The current RVS4000 that is in operation is constantly requiring a reboot every 6-8 hrs or so, which is NOT acceptible. The reason for question 2, is because when the RVS4000 requires a reboot, we can't even login & reboot, we have to power cycle the unit. Which is not possible when you are remote from it. Any comments\experience with this unit will be greatly appreciated. Also, any recommendations for any other units above this in grade will be appreciated also (without going to enterprise level equipment)


Cisco Employee

RV320\325 Question

1. 802.3ad on LAN side is not supported.

2. HTTPS login from local or remote side is supported.

New Member

RV320\325 Question

If you need to reboot ecery 6-8 hours you need a new router and for $100 you can get one of these and set up auto ping to reboot automatically, you can log into it's web gui, and you can run your own script to control it. 

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