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RV320 and IPv6 on Xfinity

I'm having trouble getting ipv6 connectivity on Xfinity using the RV320.

I can see that my router is obtaining an IPv6 address, and it's even obtaining the DHCPv6-PD addresses and assigning them to my internal network.

I am unable to send ipv6 traffic to the outside world though.

Everything looks like it should be working, however on the router status page for ipv6, It's showing:

Default Gateway:     END

When I wireshark traffic from my local lan, I see that the the router is receiving my traffic as the default gateway. When I turn on port mirroring so that I can see the traffic on the WAN side, it's not showing any ipv6 traffic going out.

What can I do to further diagnose the problem?

New Member

Re: RV320 and IPv6 on Xfinity

Things are getting stranger.

Here's what I'm seeing. I'm able to ping6 the lan side and the wan side ipv6 addresses without problem. When I ping google I get no route to host. It looks as though the router cant route traffic either from the LAN out though the WAN's advertised router, or the router isn't recognizing the advertised router at all.

I turned on port mirroring so that I could pcap the data, and I clearly see the router advertisement for the public side of the connectivity:

Screen Shot 2014-02-08 at 11.44.22 PM.png''

These are happening every few seconds, and the second address scope matches my router's WAN side IP. It looks as though it should be able to route traffic out that router. Why isn't it trying?

New Member

Re: RV320 and IPv6 on Xfinity

Interesting. If I put try to statically set up in the ipv6 gateway address that is being advertised from this, (

fe80::201:5cff:fe24:3841 ) the UI says I need to put in the address in the correct format.

Could it be this device wont accept the default gateway as an fe80:: address? That sounds like pretty much a fail for comcast/xfinity...

New Member

Re: RV320 and IPv6 on Xfinity

On the RV320 if I go into the ipv6 routing table and manually add an entry for ::0/0 to go out

fe80::201:5cff:fe24:3841 on the WAN1 interface, I get ipv6 connectivity.

Obviously, I cant rely on that router always being at that address though.

It looks to me as though either the RV320 doesn't like the default gateway being on a link local address, or it doesn't like the formatting of the router advertisement. Either way, it looks as though its broken.

Cisco Employee

Hi cgoudie-ms,The problem is

Hi cgoudie-ms,

The problem is resolved with release however  you might need to factory reset your RV320 and configure manually.



New Member

This is still a problem on

This is still a problem on the RV320.  DHCPv6-PD works.  Network clients get addresses either through DHCPv6 or RA.  The RV320 itself does not pick up the IPv6 default gateway.  Connecting a PC or Mac directly to the cable modem works fine with full IPv6 connectivity.  Connecting the RV320 shows the IPv6 default gateway as END.  Manually configuring an IPv6 route on the RV320 to the same default gateway picked up by the Mac or PC then works with full IPv6 connectivity for all clients behind the RV320.

This is clearly a problem with the RV320 software.  Hello Cisco?

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