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New Firmware available for RV340 Series Router family! This includes the RV340, RV340W, RV345, and RV345P

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RV320 and/or ISA500

Hello all,

We currently use a RV320 router with dual WAN (Fiber and COAX) to connect to the internet, this same router also functions as DHCP/DNS for all the LAN clients and connects everything to the internet fine.

Now I was looking through all cisco products and also saw the new ISA500 security appliance series but what i fail to understand is what the difference is between a ISA500 and RV320 router? Looks to me ISA can do about the same as the RV?

And if it's not the same, how would you use both in a environment? What do you use as what and connect what to what?

Thank you!       

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RV320 and/or ISA500

Hi Michiel,

To answer in your first question what the difference between RV320 and ISA500, you can check this link is a simulator for ISA500 and if you have any additional questions please let me know

and this is a link for Admin guide :

for your second question to have idea how to use both of them in your environnement please call the technical Support and provide the engineer information about your environnement and the engineer he will answer for all your questions



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RV320 and/or ISA500

The ISA500 series has been discontinued :-( despite being terrific product line.

How many LAN clients do you have and do you intend to do VPN?  The RV320 is basically a new version of the well proven RV042/RV042G so depending on the # of clients you have I'm betting you'll have a good experience with it.  There are references to a larger cousin to the RV320 on so I'm guessing that's coming shortly.

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