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RV320 and Voip

I'm having a problem getting my VOIP phones to work behind my RV320.  I had an RVS4000 and the phones worked great as well as they worked behind an RV180, but not the 320.  With the RV320 when I call one of my VOIP phones it will ring, I pick up the receiver but the phone I'm calling from is still ringing and I can't hear or be heard on the other end.  When I dial out from my VOIP phone, the phone I'm calling rings, I answer it but still cannot hear anythng or be heard.  Also the VOIP phone I'm calling from does not ring when calling out.  I'm going to put the RVS4000 back in the mix but I would really like to use this RV320 so if you can help, please let me know.

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RV320 and Voip


Under Firewall, is SIP ALG enabled?

- Marty

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RV320 and Voip

I'm having a issue with the RV320.  It doesn't seem to keep the SIP ALG change mentioned above.  Once i disable SIP ALG, it will work fine for a few hours, then the VOIP phones stop working.  If i log back into the RV320 and toggle the SIP ALG setting, it will begin working again.

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Do you have any other devices

Do you have any other devices that might be performing SIP ALG also? It is recommended only 1 device performs ALG / NAT Traversal and be sure to set your phone to see if STUN etc is available and activated so the device knows its real address instead of the internal IP.


The UK cable provider VirginMedia released an update to their SuperHub that temporarily stopped VoIP from working. I spent so long working out what had changed on my network (

Rule out it's definitely the RV320 :)

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Hi there - we're kind of in a

Hi there - we're kind of in a similar space... similar, but not the same.

We installed an RV320 recently, and cannot work out how to get VOIP to work anymore (probably because we're pretty novice network administrators, rather than the equipment having a fault).

Hopefully this will not derail your discussion - we posted up a separate discussion here, but have not had any luck, so thought this discussion could be relevant.

What VOIP devices do you have in place with your RV320 to allow the SIP/VOIP to function at all?

Thanks, in advance! (and again, sorry for asking questions, and providing no solutions).

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Having exactly the same

Having exactly the same problem. We installed an RV320 and RV325 in place of two RV082 routers and now our VoIP phones will not accept incoming calls, although they register and outgoing calls work.


SIP ALG is enables on both routers and they are running the latest firmware


Does anyone have a resolution to this problem?

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Have you tried to port

wrong post again

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I did a port forward on SIP

answer to wrong post

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Has anyone resolved this?

Has anyone resolved this?

We had an RVS4000 which worked great for over three years until it started to fail (randomly resetting multiple times a day), so we purchased an RV320 expecting the same great performance.

We spent a total of 12 hours over 3 days trying to get the RV320 working with the phones.  Data was always fine.

Everything anyone could think of was tried, not just with all sorts of various configuration changes, but flashing to current firmware, re-flashing firmware, performing factory resets (even after re-flashing), disabling firewall, placing phone system IP to DMZ, having vendor swap the RV320 for new unit (suggested by Cisco support) -- nothing worked.

During troubleshooting we re-installed the RVS4000 twice to check and double-check its settings.  Each time the phones worked just fine with the RVS4000 back in play.

Before throwing in the towel, we had a Cisco support rep, Avaya's support and the VOIP equipment provider's lead technician, and the SIP provider all working together in a conference call and remotely connected for four straight hours.  No one was able to resolve issue.

We ended up purchasing a consumer Linksys AC1200.  With it, the phones work fine and the only non-default configuration change made to the Linksys was to change the IP to match existing subnet; we didn't even setup any port forwarding (UPnP is enabled)!

Unfortunately we can't keep the Linksys as we need site to site VPN to a branch office so it looks like we are going to have to go with another vendor.

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Yes, I have managed to get

Yes, I have managed to get VoIP working through my RV320 and RV325.

I gave all my phones static IP addresses, and unique SIP port ranges (5060 - 5062 for one phone, 5063 - 5065 for the next, etc.) and forwarded these incoming ports to the phones. This did the trick for me.

I would also turn off the SPI and SIP ALG on the firewall, as this also seemed to have a negative impact.

It's worth noting that I use hosted VoIP and Cisco SPA504G phones.

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