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RV320 Connecting With Multiple fixed IP's

Hope someone can help me with this be warned I'm no expert.

We have 2 BT business broadband lines, 1 with a single fixed address and 1

with multiple fixed addresses both connected using Draytek Vigor 120's.

The line with the single fixed address works fine using PPPOE login from the RV320 as BT auto allocate the fixed IP.

What I can't work out is how to login to the line with the multiple IP's and set the Fixed IP as It doesn't seem to be auto allocated.

If I login using PPPOE I just get a dynamic allocated address.

If I set the connection as fixed IP there's no login options so doesn't connect.

I will soon need to use some of the fixed IPs so any help please.

regards Mark

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Hi Hay, As I can understand

Hi Hay,


As I can understand issue is you have two DSL internet connection. Both lines using PPoE connection.  The 1st line with one single static IP address.  the 2nd line with multiple static IP address. The problem you experience is if you use PPoE login in our router RV320 you will get random IP address from your multiple IP address you get in this line.  Your goal is you want use specific IP address as WAN IP address.  If this is what are you looking for unfortunately our router can't do that with PPoE mode.  However if your modem can give you DMZ mode, sign PPoE info in your modem and connect RV320 in DMZ port in your modem,  select static IP in RV320 and now you will get spacific IP address as WAN IP in router.  If I am wrong please let tell me more about what are you looking for.




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Thanks Moh sorry for the

Thanks Moh sorry for the delay will give it a go and get back to you



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HI Mark, Sorry about delay. I

HI Mark,


Sorry about delay. I don't know this much about modem brands but I know AT&T uverse modem can do DMZ port.  Try search online for cheapest modem with DMZ port and make sure you modem company provide instruction how to config DMZ port,




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Hi MohThe Draytek Vigor 120

Hi Moh

The Draytek Vigor 120 does not have a DMZ mode that I can see , I don't mind buying another modem if you can suggest a suitable one.

Regards Mark



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I have a connection similar

I have a connection similar to your PPPoE with multiple fixed addresses and it works fine on a RV320.  When I setup the WAN port to connect, the ISP assigns a specific fixed address to the WAN to route all the other IPs through.  It would almost have to be that way since the WAN port is typically not on the same subnet as the addresses that are routed.  Even if the RV320 does see them as on the same subnet it will work either way.

I would start by resetting the 320 to factory default and run through the wizard.  The main thing is to enter the PPPoE info in the WAN settings and the 320 should dial in and connect to your ISP.  Then in order to use the fixed IPs, I would use One-to-One NAT to map each public IP to the corresponding private IP.  The internet sees those machines as physically having the public address but they can be protected by the firewall access rules.

I have done this on several Cisco routers, including the RV320, and it worked fine.  IF you are wanting to assign the public addresses to the machines by hard coding them with the address, that is another matter.  The 320 will do that as well but it is a little trickier.

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Thanks JohnI can't reset the

Thanks John

I can't reset the RV320 at present but have tried the setup you suggested with no results.

This may be because I'm just not IP literate enough but I think before I get any greyer I'm going to go for plan B. I'm going to use the supplied ISP router/modem and creating a seperate gateway on the network. I can then use this connection for external access to servers and keep the other line for general user web browsing, hopefully I'll have more luck that way.

Hate giving in and I'm sure given more time we would get this sorted but I have a new phone system being installed that requires fixed IPS so need to get them connected and I know I can do this with the ISP's router/modem.

Thanks for all the help John and Moh


Regards Mark







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What caught my attention is

What caught my attention is when you said "i'm going to use the supplied ISP router/modem".  You must use the modem to connect - there is no other way to make it work (unless you buy a modem).  The instruction I gave assumed you were using the supplied modem.  In my scenario I setup the modem in bridge mode and then follow the instructions I gave.  There is no way to connect to a PPPoE account without a modem - whether supplied or purchased from a 3rd party.

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Hi John Sorry been of for a

Hi John


Sorry been of for a few days, I am using a modem, Draytek vigor 120 the only thing I realise I havn't said is I'm using this to convert to PPPoa as required by my ISP BT. I've tried your suggestion before but just in case I slipped up somewhere I'll set it up again. 


Will this work with PPPoa?


Regards Mark



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