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RV320 DHCP IP&MAC binding limitations ?


We just installed a new Cisco RV320 Router in our entreprise and we are encountering a lot of problems recently as the number of users are migrating to new infrastructure.

Basically the router is connected to a wan interface and served 3 switch on which are connected all the users. Each user owns a laptop, a mobile and a VPN access. With 40 users, we had to create 120 IP&MAC bindings.

The problem is : I can't create more than 88 (?) binding. If I try to create more I got a critical error as you can see on the attachement.

Also the network is really slowing down as more users are using it.


My questions are :

- Is the RV320 good for a small entreprise of 25-30 employees using a laptop and a mobile phone ? Shouldn't we buy a bigger router ?

- Can you help me at least for my IP&MAC bindings limit ? Is it a known issue ?


Thank you very much for your help !


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Hi Nicolas,I don't understand

Hi Nicolas,

I don't understand, why you need to create 120 IP&MAC binding if you got only between 25-30 users on the network ?

even they got each they own lan printer you don't need to fix ip for mobile network machine.

How you got the number of 120 reserved IP ?

And i must prevent you, the RV320 got not only limitation in IP reservation, you will fall into limitation of port adress translation / service managment too.

For the moment many IT complain about bugs & issues with the RV320 router, that apparently is not really ready for a small business but only for a verry small business (less than 15 clients on the network)

The only best service that is provided by this router is his bandwitch capacity and the dual wan with failover/load balancing options, otherwise i start thinking to manage the IP dhcp reservation, ports redirection, upnp & firewal with my managed switch behind this router, till Cisco will fix all the problems.

There is already 3 firmware came out, but these one didn't provide a stable RV320 yet.

by the way, what's your firmware version ?

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