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RV320 DNS not working for DHCP clients

I have a newly installed RV320 and I do not seem to be able to make it resolve names for DHCP clients.  To clarify, the first machines on the VLAN1 sunet can all ping each other by IP address but none of them can resolve or ping by machine name.  The Administrators Manual is not detailed on DNS configuration and I am looking for some help figuring out how this thing works.


Under DHCP / DCHP Setup I can choose the DNS Server as:

   - Use DNS Server below

   - Use DNS from ISP

   - Use DNS Proxy


I can't find any documentation on the intricacies of how these three settings work.  So here is what I have tried.

1. "Use DNS from ISP" - This setting just hands out the DNS server IP address from the ISP.  Clearly this does not allow me to resolve the DHCP clients on the inside subnet since I have the RV320 in between and there is limited inbound connectivity and firewalling.

2. "Use DNS Proxy"  - When turned on this hands out the IP address of the router as the DNS server for my DHCP clients.  I assume that it then uses the ISP's DNS server to resolve names.   I would expect that the RV320 would only turn to the ISP's DNS Server if it was not a local client and thus resolve the machines which it handed out.   This is not the case.  I have also tried putting records for my local machines under DHCP / DNS Local Database and the machines don't resolve.

3. "Use DNS Server Below" - This option appears to use the provided servers.  I have entered in the google server as a test and I am able to resolve pages on the internet using this setting.  However, I still get zero name resolution on the local subnet.  This setting also seems to ignore the hard coded machines under "DNS Local Database"


So can anyone help here?  My questions are as follow:


1. Is there detailed documentation on the 3 options and how this unit provides DNS and integrates with other DNS Servers?


2. Is there a way to integrate DHCP and DNS so that I can get name resolution WITHOUT needing to manually keep up a Local Database?


3. I assume that the Local Database is to provide DNS for static machine on the network, yes?  (i.e. I am not required to manually enter mappings for every DHCP device each time it gets an IP)


4. Why can't I even get the DNS Local Database machines to resolve?


Router Info:

Firmware: v1.1.06 (Latest)

Basic Config: 3 VLAN's, 20.0 and 30.0.  Only 10.0 is presently in use.  

DCHP Mode: DHCP Server

No Remote DHCP or TFTP is configured

DHCP Status: VLAN1 shows 7 hosts on the subnet

No Option 82

No Router Advertisement nor IPV6



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While the following article

While the following article doesn't answer all of your questions, it might help...

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