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RV320 - Dual WAN - Load Balance Problem

Hi all,


I've just bought a RV320 Dual WAN router an try to get it running. My network setup looks lice the picture attached.


I have 2 WAN Connections:

- Router 1 (16Mbit Down / 512kbit up) - no public WAN IP

- Router 2 (3 Mbit Down / 512kbit up) - Fixed public IP


Router 1 ist connected to WAN1 and router 2 to WAN2 port on the RV320.

I have enabled load balancing mode.




I want WAN1 to be the primary line to be used until capacity reached.

Currently for some reason I don't understand the cisco always uses WAN2.

That's not good as all browsing and downloading is limited to 3mbit.

When I switch to "fail-over" mode and set primry live to WAN1 that works, but WAN2 is not kept alive.



I am using VOIP and need to route all VOIP traffic to WAN2 interface.

The best would be to tell the router IP (voip phone) should use WAN2. So far I didn't figure out how to do that.

Can I put VOIP into one VLAN group and allocated VLAN to one specific WAN interface?





Hi, To answer  your



To answer  your questions

1.  Smart Link Backup means that only one WAN connection is used at a time. If the primary fails, than the secondary will come active. If you want to use the 2 WAN connections at the same you have to chose the option Load Balancing. Make sure to put correct data in the field Max Bandwidth provided by ISP. And for the Network Service Detection, whatever IP you chose make sure that it replies to ping and will not give false positive for WAN failure. Most probably at this point the router use the second WAN, exactly because of that.

2.  You can configure that IP use only WAN 2. This is done by the menu Protocol Binding (it is active only when Load Balancing is used) For service you chose Any, Source - is the IP of the phone, Destination -


Hereby the admin guide with more details about the options:




New Member

Thanks  Kremena,1. Seems to

Thanks  Kremena,

1. Seems to be working now as I cleared all config an started again from scratch.


2. Done as you said, but my problem is still when accept a call, I can't hear anything. When connection to router 2 directly ( Fritzbox) it's working fine.


So, you can hear the phone

So, you can hear the phone ringing and answer it? which means that SIP pakets are coming through WAN to LAN and well redirected to the phone IP, but you cannot hear after that, which means that there could be a problem with the RTP packets. 

If you have problem only with the incoming calls and not the outgoing, than try enable/disable SIP ALG (Firewall). If that doesn't fix the issue, try to allow (or even forward) from WAN to LAN RDP -  UDP ports 16384-32767 to the phone IP.




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