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RV320 - How to forward ports from WAN2


I have 2 IP's on two different wan-ports. No i want to expose one machine from my LAN to the internet, on port 80 to do everything else with a reverse proxy. The other ip however must forward traffic from port 80 to a different machine:


<91.x.x.100>:80  -> forward to

<91.x.x.120>:80  -> forward to


I tried for two days now, and can't get it to work, here is what i tried so far:

One-To-One NAT from public ip to local machine - didnt work, i cant enter a wan ip address as public ip


Port Forwarding bound to a specific interface - Doesnt work, an interface is not selectable, although its stated in the docs


DMZ - Didnt work. Entered the local machines ip into the DMZ-Host field, set up the wan2 as DMZ with a correct ip, added access rules to the ACL, still no luck, all it did was, requesting both ips from outside, landed on the same machine.


I hope i didnt miss required information in this post, and hope that someone can give me an advice how to solve this.




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I don't think this is

I don't think this is possible as usually the same port on both wan ports is treated the same.  I don't think you can do specific rules for ports on a per wan basis.

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Was there any verification of

Was there any verification of this? I have an RV320 that we are attempting to use in the same fashion. 

Our ISP is not capable of providing us with multiple addresses on the same network. So essentially we are stuck with 2 "isp's" 

I know this issue could be resolved if we used another router, then set gateways on servers on the same network but I would prefer not to. 


Wan1 - - Forward to - Exchange 80/443/25/110

Wan2 - - Forward to -  Internal web app 80/443


Thanks for any help in advance! 

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