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RV320 Install RapidSSL certificate

Hello all,

How are we supposed to insert a rapidssl certificate?


I see a lot there but nothing that points me in anyway for the RV320. I have a certificate crt file, an intermediate crt file and thats it.


Any ideas?

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If you go to Certificate

If you go to Certificate Management, click add below the list of certificates, choose the 3rd-Party Autherized, then next to CA certificate click browse and select your CA certificate, then click browse next to the certificate + private key and find the pfx or p12 and select it, then select save.

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Says Critical Failure, please

Says Critical Failure, please contact support whenever i try that.

I saved the certificate as txt file and the Bundled CA PEM from here also as txt:


Any idea? it wont work

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HelloRecently Cisco Small


Recently Cisco Small business RV320's owner, i started to use it. And i wanted to secure wevb administration website importing third party certificate.

What a mess!!!!!! Cisco Technical Support itself didn't manage to import successfull my certificate, whan connecting remotly to my server.

fortunately, it took me a long time, but i imported successfully my certificate and manage to undrertand how it works.

Step by step, i explain it:

1. Create a CSR using web certificate management page on the cisco. (You can't create your own CSR using openssl by example)

2. click on your csr recently created and open it with notepad and copy all the text

3. Go to your internet certificate provider website and ask a certificate for web server and copy your csr when needed.

4. wait until your certificate be delivered. (.crt format)

5. return to the cisco, click on your previously csr and click on the bellow button to validate the csr, you will be redirected to the import certificate page (note that, it's not strictly the same that the default one)

6. On this page, we asked you to imported a CA cert, and your delivered certificate. NO NO NO!!! it will be very too simple.....

7. Instead of importing CA cert, you have to import the same final certificate delivered on both fields. And Magic, it's working


Two things very important, make the csr with the cisco, and when asked, not importing the CA cert, but your certificate instead, twice. Note that when you make a csr online or with openssl, you can't import a third party certificate directly from the default "My certificate/add" page. It will fail. it's not acceptable of course, i agree with you. 


CISCO!!!!!!! when it will be resolved???



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Thanks, worked like a charm.

Thanks, worked like a charm.

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