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RV320 or RV130 UK 4G dongle support


I am about to upgrade my RV220W (it's EOL'd) and am looking at the RV320 (I have separate WAPs so don't need W version) as I am interested in a 4G failover/backup for the internet connection. 

There's a compatibility list for the dongles, which is ancient and hasn't been updated in forever:

None of these are current models (only one supports 4G) and none are available in the UK at the moment from any of the mobile providers. I could try to get an old 3G dongle off eBay and put a new data SIM in it, but then it would only be 3G.

I took a look at the newer RV130 which has a more recent list of compatible dongles (still not a very current one), but it's isn't as good a router (for various reasons) as the RV320.

So my question is: is anyone in the UK successfully using a currently-available 4G dongle with the RV320???

Edit: or the RV130?

Thanks in advance,


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I'm having the same issue. I

I'm having the same issue. I just bought an O2 dongle, the E3372, to use on the router as a digger took our phone line out.

Suprise suprise, it doesn't work with the Cisco RV320.

Seriously Cisco, what are you playing at? You aren't a backwater two bit company. Can you not spare someone who can add the new devices to the router? I bought this router for exactly this reason and now I find I can't add any 4G/3G dongle to it.

I'm so annoyed right now.

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I have 2 type of 4G modems

I have 2 type of 4G modems working with RV 320 but as the router using ppp protocol it limits the throughput around 21 Mbps. 

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Hi Cheesefather

Hi Cheesefather

This link is "dead" now. Do you have additional link for supported USB dongle

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