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RV320 - Performance degraded when activating bandwidth management


I am in the process of configuring the RV320. I have set up only 4 rules in the Bandwidth Management (48-96 kb/s for SIP and RTP for my voip phone) and that severely impacted the network performance :

Before applying bandwidth management :

  • Ping = 12ms
  • down = 13.1 Mbps
  • up = 0.92 Mbps


After applying Bandwidth Management :

  • Ping = 73ms
  • down = 8.8 Mbps
  • up = 0.35 Mbps

That's a huge impact for just adding such a simple rule ! Is this an expected behaviour on this router ?

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Hello, Can you share more



Can you share more details about your configuration.

What is the Upstream and Downstream you've configured? For the rules have you tried with Priority as well, not only Rate control? Did you configured the rules for both Directions - Down and Up?




New Member

The upstream and downstream

The upstream and downstream is set to the same value : min 48 Kbps max 96 Kbps for ports 5060-5090 and 30000-30100 


For the rules I indeed tried priority mode first. The result was catastrophic : traffic was even worst with ping over 100 and upload speed close to 0 !


Concerning the configuration : 

 - the router is currently connected to one wan only but is configured to use wan 1 and wan 2 because we will have a second Internet connection soon

 - there is no vpn setup

 - firewall : I disabled SPI

 - I have 3 vlan : two for workstations, one solely for the voip phone 


Thank you.





Hi, Did you configure



Did you configure Upstream/ Downstream (Max Bandwidth Provided by ISP)? The router is using these values to calculate how much bandwitch to reserve for the services in the rules and how much will have for the rest of the trafic.

By default these values are on 10000Kbps. Which means that after excluding the rate control max value (2 times 96), your bandwidth for the rest of the trafic should be max 9, something Mbps.

If you havn't done that, please try to configure the max bandwidth from the ISP and share the speedtest result.




New Member

Yes I have set the max

Yes I had already set the max bandwidth provided by the ISP.

When plugged directly in the modem I get these speeds : up : 0.95 Mbps / down : 13.5 Mbps

I rounded these values in the router config to up: 900 Kbps / down : 13000 Kbps

The rate control I have set is very small : 96 Kbps x 2 = 192. That should leave 900-192 = 708 Kbps up and 13000-192=12808 down. Unfortunately that's not the case...


New Member

I know I'm replying to an old

I know I'm replying to an old thread but I have experienced the same result when I configure bandwidth management on the RV320.  I called Cisco support and found out that this is a limitation of the RV320: 

"High Priority domain shares about 60% of the bandwidth, Low Priority domain shares 10% and Middle Priority (outside rules) shares 30%." These values are hardcoded and cannot be manipulated.

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I'm also experiencing the same issue with an RV320 too.

What do you mean by "limitation" ?

Is it more a bandwidth "reservation" ? not a real "QOS functionality" ?


New Member

Yes the Max Bandwidth


The above tests were carried on our backup internet line. Today our main line (fiber connection) is working again after being down for two weeks.

The results are even more impressingly disappointing : 

 - Straight out of the modem we get roughly 300Mbps up and down

 - Going through the RV320 with bandwidth management rules disabled I get roughly 130 Mbps up and down !

 - Then if enable the rules, it falls to to 80 Mbps !!


These numbers are very, very far from the advertised throughput.





Hi, You can try testing with



You can try testing with MTU size and change the negotiation of both ports WAN and LAN from Auto to manual. Try with symetric configuration - 100 WAN and 100 LAN, or if both connections are on gigabit 1000/1000.

But in your case, I would suggest to call the support line and an engineer to investigate more closely the configuration, in order to find a solution.

Hereby the contacts:




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