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RV320 Port Forwarding BROKEN


I recently purchased an RV320 to use in my network, but even on the latest firmware ( am having an issue that ALL (internal and external) traffic is being forwarded when I enable port forwarding to my web server.  I have managed to work around the problem using PAT, but I run Windows Server 2012 Essentials, and every time it rebooots for updates it checks and configures Port Forwarding. WSE also reports my router is mis-configured if I change it back - an annoyance I can live with for now if there is a fix on the horizon. This is a MAJOR headache and I would like to ask if there is an ETA for a fix so I can put this issue to bed and not worry that my netowrk will lose connectivity to the outside world randomly.

Please advise,

Bob Hessenauer   

Additionally, my ISP has blocked all Port 25 traffic, so I have an email forwarder sending on port 8001. If I were to set up port triggering on outside port 8001 to internal port 25, would the forwarding rule for SMTP then kick in and forward the traffic the rest of the way to my email server?

Just wondering if that configuration would work instead of PAT.



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RV320 Port Forwarding BROKEN


After an online chat with Cisco I finally called the support number. Enrique (a very patient and compotent engineer) re-flashed the device with the latest firmware and we set about to setting the configuration step-by-step.  As of this writing I am pleased to announce that the problem is resolved and traffic is flowing beautifully WITH the Port forwarding rules in place.  For those whose ISP is currently blocking port 25, there are services (dnsExit) that will forward your external email to your server on an alternate port, which can be translated to port 25 through Port Address Translation and then forwarded to the appropriate server.

My thanks to Enrique for his help and patience in finally getting this issue resolved.

Bob Hessenauer

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