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RV320 - PPPoE and DMZ

I really wish someone would FIX the programming to allow a PPPoE WAN1 type to use a DMZ range in the same subnet.  I have gripped about this for years and keep getting ignored.  This is prevalent in many of the cisco routers/security appliances and it is annoying.  It is in the RV042G (which seems to just be an older version of the 320) and the ISA550 which I have been able to trick it into working.

I just purchased a RV320 thinking it would be fixed and alas it is not.  If I could get past the error dialog, I would probably be fine.  I have a public /29 block that is routed through a PPPoE connection.  The block is in the same subnet, but because the connection is PPPoE, the WAN is programmed to REQUIRE a Static IP on WAN1 to allow a DMZ in the same subnet.

Are there any Cisco Engineers listening that can get this fixed!!!!  I - and many others who use this type of connection - would be eternally grateful.


RV320 - PPPoE and DMZ

DNS Admin,

To make a feature request or report a bug in the Cisco Small Business devices, please open a support case:

Are you unable to use One-to-One NAT for your scenario?

- Marty

New Member

RV320 - PPPoE and DMZ

I have opened several support cases and even corresponded as well as spoke to an engineer.  A year has gone by and nothing.

The servers have public addresses so the one-to-one isn't doable.  I am running some services that require the server to have a hard-coded public IP

It would be great if there was a SMB device that would allow a public and private segments and route between them to the internet

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