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RV320 Question about IPv6 DHCP

Hello everyone,

Been running the RV320 for quite some time but now I also want to use IPv6 support for all clients and to the net. On WAN1 I have a fiber connection to my ISP who gave me a bunch of IPv6 adresses and IPv4 (IPv4 already being configured and working!).

Now all clients for IPv4 locally use 192.168.1.x and ofc i have set some external IPv4 adresses to internal IPv4 adresses by using One-to-One NAT.

I want to setup IPv6 DHCP on our network aswell and went to DHCP setup > IPv6 and then clicked DHCP SERVER.

I filled in these fields:
IPv6 adress: fc00::1

Prefix length: 7

DHCP Server and for DNS the google's:


Should that be it? Or do i also need to configure the IPv6 Address Pool Table stuff? And if so, how?

I basically want the same as IPv4, so just internal IPv6 adresses which should translate to the outside just like with IPv4.

Also under WAN1 i have WAN Connection Settings:

What shouldb e filled in under: LAN IPv6 Address: ?? i have :: right now there.

Can anyone help me?

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RV320 Question about IPv6 DHCP

No one?

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Re: RV320 Question about IPv6 DHCP

Hello Michiel,

The following link has some useful information about setting up DHCPv6 server on RV320.

Also, the admin guide (Chapter 3, Page 19) provides some good information about IPv6 support on the RV320, especially around DHCP-PD. If the Service provider supports DHCP-PD (prefix delegation), then you can just enable the feature on RV320 and the clients behind the router (including LAN interface on the router) get IP address directly through the ISP.

Hope this helps.



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Re: RV320 Question about IPv6 DHCP

Well, i dont want all devices to have a direct IP6 address to the outside cause that would mean all ports and everything would be open for all devices which i dont really call safe. The article you link me to doesnt show me what the equivalent of should become for the routers IPv6 adress and prefix length.

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RV320 Question about IPv6 DHCP

So can anyone reply to this? What are the best options to set when from both WAN ports i get external IPV6 adresses (range) but for LAN i want to use DHCPV6 like we do with IPv4 locally and pass on local ip's to external ip's.

What do you set DHCP Setup to for IPV6? Cause the example in your document doesnt seem to work.

IPV6 address:

prefix length:

and then IPv6 address pool table:

Start address

End Address

Prefix lenght.

What is that all supposed to be?

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RV320 Question about IPv6 DHCP

I disabled IPV6 on my unit until I can think about it.

With Comcast you instantly get every PC directly on IPV6 via the sub addresses they allocate DHCPV6 via PD. 

But... as you are saying, without then managing the security of each device tightly, they are potentially more exposed.

For instance when you tell Windows a NAT'd IPV4 network is "private" and so the firewall is more open, how does that work when those same PCs suddenly have a public IPV6 address?

I don't believe NATv6 is available... so currently there is no 192.168... equivalent on IPV6 - the point is to just get everything online directly.

So for now I disabled IPV6 (and rebooted the router to really disable it) until I had time to do an impact analysis.

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Re: RV320 Question about IPv6 DHCP

Hello there,

I actually believe there is a equivalent to what 192.168 is for ipv4 I just don't understand how to configure it exactly.

Furthermore yes we might have and get ips from the provider for all devices but then my question still remains how to configure it exactly to work like that.

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Re: RV320 Question about IPv6 DHCP


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