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RV320 "Service name should be different"

I purchased a Cisco RV320 last week and am trying to set up port forwarding on it.  I already have 5 rules enabled, and they all work.  However, whenever I try to add a new rule, I get the error "Service Name should be different!", which is undocumented anywhere.  If I try to delete an existing port forwarding rule, then I get the error "Critical failure.  Please contact support."  The router is running the latest firmware

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to get port forwarding working again?  I would prefer to avoid a reset to defaults at all costs because the router is located 200 miles away and the people who I would have to talk to on the site to reconfigure it have nearly zero experience with networking.

Thanks for the help in advance.

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Hi,Could you share more


Could you share more details about the configuration of the device. Is it possible that you configured the device with the port forwarding rules and after that you made firmware upgrade?

Also for the error message "Service Name should be different!", are you trying to use a service name which already exist? Because if it is the case, the name itself has a meaning only for the router itself, it is not shared over the network.




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I experienced the same

I experienced the same problem, and after scratching my head for a while I discovered the solution. As default the router is set to display only 5 entries (upper right corner) and as such when creating new rules it appears as if they do not register. So just set the router to display more than 5 entries and 'voila', you'll see why you get the error (because the rule you're trying to create is already there).

Have a nice one!

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