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RV320: "undefined" in latest firmware

I just got the RV320 and updated the firmware (several times) only to be greeted with "undefined" all over the page, both at login and when logged in. This is an issue in the 1.1.* firmware for the RV320 and makes working with the router somewhat uncertain. For instance, Yes is undefined and No is also undefined, meaning you don't know if you answer yes or no before clicking.

Of course I have tried factory defaults and even hardware reset (10+ seconds) but to no avail.

I find it very strange that such firmwares are even released.

In my final frustration I logged out in fw and was suddenly greeted with a lack of "undefined" which is strange as they were present when I logged in. I then upgraded to and the lack of "undefined" continued. I dare not use the hardware reset in case the "undefined" returns.

This story is probably useful for other users of the RV320. If you find "undefined" scattered all over, downgrade and upgrade firmwares until they appear. Seems to be necessary.

I am left wondering what else is not updated...

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I had this experience in

I had this experience in Internet Explorer and had the same dismay.

However, if  you go to Internet Settings and add the router IP address to the Security - Trusted sites - Sites button list, and the Privacy -Sites button - list, you will see all the labels properly again, best of my recollection.


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