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RV320 reboots after a VPN connection

I bought an RV320. Everything is working great except for the VPN.

I have configured an easy VPN connection to be used by Cisco IPSEC client. The client can connect to the local LAN but after about 30 seconds the router reboots. Even during the time that it is connected, the VPN led on the front is always off.

I'm using the latest firmware but I tried with older versions and the problem persists.

Is this an hardware issue?




Hello,Do you have any logs


Do you have any logs from the router when the issue happens?  Since it is rebooting I would reocmmend a syslog server so you don't lose the logs. Does the router actually physically reboot or do you just lose your connection to it?  You mention the lights but only the VPN light.

Are you able to pass any traffic, or does the connection drop as soon as you do?

If you could collect as much information as possible and give us a call at the SBSC we can take a look and figure out what is going on.

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Interesting.  Did you try

Interesting.  Did you try different clients?  Did you rebuild your config from scratch when testing different firmwares?

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