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RV320 Remote Management not working

Hi All,


I've got an RV320 at a customers site using dual WAN.

Both WAN interfaces are setup for dyndns to make management easy for me remotely (they have things that need tweaking from time to time) and so I enabled remote management. 

This however doesn't seem to work at all. I cannot browse to https://<ip>:443

Telnetting to the port results in a "Connection closed by host" so it would seem that the device is rejecting/closing the connection entirely.


I've tried changing the port to a non-default port, and I've tried the IP of both WAN links to no avail. Subsequently I tried setting an access rule to allow all https traffic inbound on the WAN interfaces and this has not worked. I'm used to higher end Cisco switches and a CLI to manage these things so I'm not exactly sure what's going wrong here as there is little that I can interrogate.


Have I missed something entirely or does this just not work?

I'm on the latest firmware if that helps.



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Hi Torgaddon, The remote

Hi Torgaddon, 

The remote management on the SMB devices is just to enable the remote management option and you can change the port from 443 to another port without adding any access rule or port forwarding


please check if the end customer has already port forwarding or access rule using port 443 if his using for some other purpose, please change the port to another and do not create any access rule should work 

Since we don't have more information I want to ask you if the WAN interface with the Public IP ?

also if you tried with https://DynDNS / not with IP address may they change very often the Public IP 

also if you enable remote management be sure you have HTTPS enable or disable in order to access to the router

for example if you change the port to 583 and you have https enable we need to access with https://ip-address:583


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Best Regards


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Thanks. This is the way I


This is the way I have it setup at the customer site to no avail. I am also using DynDNS, though they are on a staticIP I figured it was worth doing just in case.

I should be back at their site tomorrow so will have another look then. Thanks for the advice. I'll poke around tomorrow!

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