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RV320 slow DHCP


We have a RV320 router. To our knowledge, we use it with out-of-the-box setings, all clients get the LAN ip-address via DHCP from the RV320.


The problem is the time it takes for the RV320 to hand out an ip-adress, it takes between 1-2 minutes, both in the case when a new client is connected and in the case when a client is re-booting and initates a new request.


We are usung the latest firmware v1.1.1.06.

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Hi @olasvensson1,How many

Hi @olasvensson1,

How many devices are in your environment? (Those who are requiring an IP address from DHCP)

Are you using VLANs to separate devices?

Let us know.


Martin, IT Specialist

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I Martin,We have same problem

I Martin,

We have same problem with RV320. There are only about 20 APs requiring an IP. Most of the times, the APs reboots.

Tried also with RV180. Analysed with wireshark, the clients lauched DHCP requests 5 times before RV started to answer. If the client (APs in this case) have a timeout for getting IP, then reboot themselfs most of the times before the RV routers started to respond.


Thanks in advance,


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Hi Martin. We have tried to

Hi Martin.


We have tried to scale it down, and we get the problem with only one client connected directly to the router.


We are not using VLANs.


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We still have the same

We still have the same problem with the latest firmware v1.1.1.19.


Is there any plan to resolve this issue?

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