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RV320 slow NAT transfer rate


Yesterday I have received by RV320 router. I have set it up with dual WAN:

WAN 1 - 1 Gbps - PPPoE

WAN 2 - 100 Mbps - Dynamic IP

after fixing the problem found initially that WAN1 get connected/Inactive, I found out that maximum transfer rate that I can achieve was around 250 Mbps at download and about 100 Mbps upload. The advertise value for NAT transfer rate for this device is 900 Mbps...

If I conenct directly the Cat 6 cable (used to conenct WAN1) to my PC I can get over 900 Mbps.

Is there any settings that limits this transfer rate? I'm not using any VPN tunneling or any other feature of the router as of right now and I have the latest public availbe firmware.



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Re: RV320 slow NAT transfer rate

Is  there anybody from Cisco that could help with this problem ? I've already spent days trying to figure out how to make it work with more than 200 Mbps...


Re: RV320 slow NAT transfer rate

Hi Gabriel,

Have you tried to disable Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) under Firewall-> General? That may increase the performance.

- Marty

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Re: RV320 slow NAT transfer rate

Hi Marty,

I have tried that, even disabled totally the firewall, but there was not much of improvements. Still the download remains about 260 Mbps...



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Hi, I was hopping that a new



I was hopping that a new firmware upgrade will solve this issue, but with latest firmware I'm still not able go over 230 Mbps at download. On direct connection is going up to 900 Mbps.

So, Cisco guys, are you trying to fix this product or not?

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I have this problem too in my

I have this problem too in my home environment. I would like to open a support ticket and get this problem fixed.

Can somebody from support contact us to speed up the resolution?

We can provide net traces etc.

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