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RV325 remote management access

I am trying to allow remote management access on our Cisco RV325 Router, I have Remote Management allowed in the firewall with the default HTTPS Port 443 enabled. I have even setup HTTPS port 443 to the WAN1 Port in Port Forwarding. I have the Public, Private and internet IP address of the router and I still cannot access the router via a outside source. Is there anything I am missing?


Thank you for your help.



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For what it's worth all I had

For what it's worth all I had to do was enable 'Remote Management' under Firewall > General and save the setting.

I am new to this device and the RV325 is configured in a test environment, it has LAN IP address, static WAN IP address, some One-to-One NAT relationships (not for the router LAN or WAN IP, it won't let you do that), and associated rules for the 1-to-1 NAT to ALLOW various traffic (HTTP, HTTPS mostly) which are highest priority, and then DENY ALL ELSE rules with lower priority for the same 1-to-1 NAT relationships respectively.

And then the default router rules, and that's about it, there is no specific ALLOW rule for traffic to the router IP itself, I found this wasn't necessary I just needed to enable remote management which must by default allow this even though no access rule is shown, I did change the port to be something obscure up in the 4xxxx range.

The only other configuration on the router was to turn off Discovery-Bonjour and LLDP Status, there is no forwarding or PAT defined, and the firmware was the latest release from Cisco at the time of writing.

Hopefully this might help anyone else who experiences a problem with enabling this feature.

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This post is a life-saver!

This post is a life-saver! Enabling the Remote Management option in the Firewall did not work for the wan interface. I also had to disable Discovery-Bonjour & LLDP before remote management was accessible from the wan interface. Using v1.3.2.02 firmware. 

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Re: RV325 remote management access

I'm also having this problem.  I'm working with this router in a lab environment where the two WAN ports ( and are attached to our normal LAN (10.0.1.*).  The router's LAN is 10.0.2.* and so far all seems to be working correctly, EXCEPT Remote Management.  I can ping the WAN ports from our normal LAN.

The Firewall General tab has everything enabled except 1) Block WAN request, 2) Multicast Pass Thru, and 3) SIP ALG.  There are no restrictions on Web features.

As per another post I have tried with and without Discovery-Bonjour and LLDP without success.

I can get to the Web configuration page by connecting my laptop directly to the RV325 router's LAN, but when I try "" or "" from my laptop on the normal LAN IE can not find/load the Web configuration page.  The same commands using "http"instead of "https" also fail.

What am I doing wrong?....RDK


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Re: RV325 remote management access

I am having the same difficulty, I bought the product for 4 days and it seems that the problems of the RV4000, are still present in the RV325. What a thing.

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