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Community Member

RVL200 does not reconnect WAN PPPoE interface

My RVL200 firmware

WAN is configured for PPPoE. The connection to the Internet is via Thompson SpeedTouch ST780 ADSL router in bridge mode.

The  RVL200's PPPoE fails to automatically reconnect to the Internet after a  power loss (or if I click Disconnect on the RVL200's web page). This is  true for both the Connect on Demand and Keep Alive PPPoE alternatives.  In either case, I have to go to the router's web screen and manually  click "Connect" to force a reconnection. Is this a realy a big bug or am  I doing something wrong in configuration.

Thanks in advance.

Community Member

Re: RVL200 does not reconnect WAN PPPoE interface

This is really disappointing, I see now that vast number of other people  have this problem with RVL200 and that this bug is there for a long time.
Cisco/Linksys  is supposed to be a serious company. This is realy not what is expected.
I don't mid the bug, but the point that Cisco is ignoring this bug for a long time, and wont fix it !!!

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