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RVL200 SSL VPN and HTTPS Setup?

I have a small network setup at home.  I had a web server running on HTTPS which worked fine.  Now I added the VPN Router and setup SSL VPN but now I can no longer get to my SSL site.  How do you go about setting this up?  Changing the SSL port to another port will cause problems as some companys only allow HTTP and HTTPS to get through.  Those people wont be able to get to my site.

I do have a Belkin Wire Router.  Currently I have the ISP into the RVL200 VPN and then the Wireless as a access point feeding from the RVL200.


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Re: RVL200 SSL VPN and HTTPS Setup?


The only way to get a vpn tunnel to work as well as having an HTTPS server behind your router is to use an IPSec based tunnel and forward port 443 (for SSL) to the server. Once you forward 443 to the server you will no longer have SSL capabilities to the router (because all port 443 connections are being forwarded). Therefore, you will not be able to use this router as your vpn solution. I would recommend purchasing instead a RV042. They are solid routers with several useful features. If that does not work for you, then try the RVS4000 or WRVS4400N (built in wireless solution so no access point needed).


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