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RVO42 and FIOS

I have had an RVO42 router in my office for 5 years. I had a Comcast modem connected to the router. The router connected with one switch to 8 workstations. Today I switched to Verizon FIOS with an ActionTec wireless wireless router. My LAN works fine but none of the workstations can connect to the Internet. The address of the RVO42 is The address of the FIOS router is Are these routers not compatible?

Hello, It sounds like you



It sounds like you have a routing problem somewhere, rather than compatibility problem. Sorry, but the way you explain it, I cannot understand what is your present topology. But you need to find out what is not communicating with what. Write down how the network devices are connected and what IP addresses they should have to communicate with one each other. Than, most of the routers, as well RV042, allow from the web interface to make ping. From RV042 ping the first physicaly connected to it device and see if it will reply. Than ping the next one, until you reach the point where the communication breaks...




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All pings to workstations on

All pings to workstations on the LAN were successful. I tried to ping I think is the address of the Verizon router) but that failed.  Do I need to change a setting on the Verizon router.

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I just spoke with Verizon

I just spoke with Verizon support.  Despite having a static IP address, we changed the Linksys to "Obtain an IP address automatically".  This allows workstations on the LAN to access the Internet.  So far I have not been able to connect a tunnel.

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it sounds like comcast was

it sounds like comcast was giving you an actual internet accessable address on the internet,

While verizon is Natting the addresses to a private address range (192.168.1.x) between the modem, and the rv042.  this is also the default address for the LAN side of the rv042.  that would be a conflict as each network needs to have a unique address for them to talk (route) to each other.  It sounds like that was resolved by setting the lan side to 192.168.2.x

Your clients on the lan side are able to connect to the internet through the double nat (rv042 natting to verizon which is also natting).  It will be difficult to connect INBOUND from the internet to devices behind the rv042.  PPTP vpn will work through a nat, but you would need to do a port forward tcp port  1723 through the verizon router to the rv042.  IPSEC site to site, Quickvpn or other client vpn is not supported through a NAT.  if that is required, you would need to get with verizon and ask them to put the ActionTec into "bridge mode" so your RV042 will get an internet accessable address.

Also if you need other applications to access devices on your lan (server, remote desktop, etc) you would need to do a port forward in both devices.


hope it helps,



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<<so your RV042 will get an

<<so your RV042 will get an internet accessable address.>> on it's wan port


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