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rvs4000 and quickvpn - connection is OK but no remote IP

Quickvpn is fine. Using my fixed wan adress I can have the connection from my laptop, or at least quickvpn looks happy. (and in the rvs4000 conection status I can see that my client is on
But no remote IP adress is given, so the quickvpn connection does no do anything and I cannot see my local network.
I'm expecting at this stage two connection on my laptop. Standard-public and local IP from my lcoal network.
Any idea ?
Thanks for everything

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Re: rvs4000 and quickvpn - connection is OK but no remote IP


Yes,  I also found that when I remote from my local network  to my cousins RVS4000, which has a  LAN address 192.168.1.X, I do not get assigned a  IP address of 192.168.1.X.

But if you look at the VPN configuration on the RVS4000, there is not mention of a  IP address pool for remote users.

Like unlike yourself,  I am finding I am having ZERO difficulty working with IP hosts on the remote RVS4000 using the new quickvpn utility.

I am wondering if the Hosts at the remote location have a different default router or if the RVS4000 is the only router onsite ?

I found that remoting into RVS4000, I can still TFTP upgrade the LVS systems, but my cousins  RVS4000 is the default gateway for the devices on that network.

If the RVS4000 is not the default gateway for IP hosts  on the network,  but only there for VPN purposes, enable RIP2 between the RVS4000 and the other default router.  This should let the default router know that a new host is in the network  that is connected via the RVS4000.

This functionality  is fantastic at the price point offered for the RVS4000.

regards Dave

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Re: rvs4000 and quickvpn - connection is OK but no remote IP

Here's some explanations that might help people understand, read my last post:

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