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RVS4000 and QuickVPN

We just got a replacement RVS4000 and it came with the latest firmware Using QuickVPN we can make the connection but once connected we can't "do anything" on the RVS4000 LAN. The prior unit (lower level firmware) was a little shakey about connecting but once connected, I could VNC into our Linux Server and map drives/transfer file to/from the samba server. The 2 LAN"s are on different subnets. The inbound log on the RVS4000 sees the pings but it does not seem to respond.

One strange thing was when I had a friend connect from a completely different location. His subnet was, My RVS4000 LAN was, and I had a Wireless WRT54G connected to the RSV4000 LAN (its WAN was static in the subnet) and the WRT54G had a LAN subnet of When all was connected, he could not "see" anything inside the RVS4000, and I could not "see" anything on his LAN from the subnet. BUT, I could access his LAN from the subnet (through 2 routers).

I am considering installing back level firmware for test purposes but thought I would check here and see if someone could straighten me out. I have tinkered with settings so much I have to go back to square one anyway.

I have set up a test configuration with the RVS4000 and a WRT54G connected back to back and get similar results. In this configuration, setting the mode to router allows the subnets to connect and operate through the QuickVPN tunnel.

All firewalls are disabled during testing, I am using XP on both ends to test, would like to access Linux servers when finished.

Thanks, Lou

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