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RVS4000 cannot communicate with USB HUB on other Router/Gateway

Hello all

I have a problem communicating to a networked device that is on a separate router/gateway, but my XP Pro computer can see.

Here is the Flow

XP Pro Computer ( networked to RVS400 (

RVS4000 WANed ( to other router/gateway (

Device ( - Networked USB HUB (Belkin F5L009) to other router/gateway.

USB HUB Device uses port 19540

So the problem is that my XP machine can see the device and other devices attached to this Belkin (F5L009) USB HUB, but it WILL NOT communicate with them. In other words, the USB devices will not pop on to Windows Explorer for me to use them.

I have networked my XP Pro Computer WITHOUT changing ANY settings on it to my other router/gateway and the BELKIN USB HUB is seen and all devices on it pop into windows for me to be able to use. So the problem is NOT my XP Pro Computer or that other router/gateway.

Once I network the XP Pro Computer to the RVS4000 it cannot communicate to the Belkin USB HUB, but is seen by the XP Computer.

I have opened up the ports and/or forwarded them to my XP machine, to the USB HUB Device and even have allowed a specific rule on IP Based ACL to allow such communication. It seems that something on the RVS is STILL NOT ALLOWING communication to each other.

What gives? Am I missing a step or is this a problem of the RVS4000 or the firmware?

Thank you for any suggestions.

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