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RVS4000 - Inter Vlan routing and ACLs

Do I miss something or is it not possible to filter routing between Vlans on this device?

After a day long trying, I'm facing the possibility that ACLs apply only between WAN and LAN, but not different Vlans.

So there is either inter Vlan routing enabled or disabled and that's it?


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Re: RVS4000 - Inter Vlan routing and ACLs

You should be able to setup acl's for your lan on the rvs4000.  Make sure the source interface is on the lan and create your rule. 

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Re: RVS4000 - Inter Vlan routing and ACLs

Thanks for your reply davicarr!

I however still having issues getting filtering set up between different Vlans/subnets.

Lately I did a reset to factory defaults and started from scratch for testing.

No chnages under "advanced routing": the router is configured as "gateway" and "inter vlan routing" enabled.

Also I left Vlan 1 as is ( - gateway

I added Vlan 2 and configured subnet with being the gateway IP and DHCP disabled.

Only switch port 2 was configured for vlan2 untagged (ports 1, 3 and 4 unchanged in vlan1 untagged).

Port 1 is connected to one machine, port 2 to another which I gave a static IP assignment of

At that point, pings go through between vlan1 and vlan2.

Defining and enabling two "deny", "all"-services ACLs on LAN (one source net destination and the other source destination, pings still get replied from to and vice versa.

If I disable inter vlan routing, routing between the subnets is interrupted no matter if an ACL is configured or not (as one would expect).

I have a version 1 device running firmware




Re: RVS4000 - Inter Vlan routing and ACLs

Yeah, andi that is very strange.  I have tested this in the past with acls and it work fine.  You could try reflashing your firmware and reloading your configs and see if the acls work then.  If not give the SBSC a call at 866-606-1866 and see if they can work with you on this.

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