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RVS4000 Internet Access Policy Bugged

I recently set up 2 rvs 4000 routers and set up internet access policy for which i denied ip addresses to

All other ip addresses 1 to 16 are static ip addresses and are allowed access to the internet

What i have noticed is that , the policy works intermittently ,   For instance when i log on with an unregistered device which dhcp gives I often get access to the internet , then i have to go into the web utility / firewall / internet access policy and manuay click save again (without doing any changes) and then it will take effect and block internet access

I have the latest firmware 1.2.11

What can i do???


Re: RVS4000 Internet Access Policy Bugged

I see you have the latest firmware.  Did you upgrade the firmware yourself or did you purchase the router with that version on it.  If you upgraded the firmware did you do a factory reset of the router after you flashed the firmware and reload your config.  If no try that and see if that resolves the issue with the access list.

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