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So.. I am a bit suprised and sad that you can't just simply follow the steps suggested in MANY posts and get this feature to work..CISCO.. this should not be that hard.

So lets go thru the steps here..

WAN is setup.. Works just fine..

DMZ is setup to a server so we can RDP to it and ya know.. test all this stuff.

Firewall has a port or two set to auto forward to some internal devices for remote connectivity. (nothing that the vpn uses  like 443,500, 4500, 60443.. not there)

Added 2 users and they are set to active.. That's it.. Didn't do anything more..

So not when trying to connect from a remove device that has the CISCO quick vpn... NADAA...  Won't even attempt to connect.. get the 7 steps of error..

So here's where it gets interesting.. If i add the ports 443,500, 4500, 60443 and forward them to the ip of the LAN router (behind the wan) BAM.. it seems to allow it to get connected, but the remote gateway doesn't work.  (sadly prob b/c of what i had to do here ... doesn't make sense people!) ILl even tell you firewall/dos protection/block wan request all disabled..

I'd love to have someone from CISCO actually set one of these up and see that it works b/c it ain working from a remote location... I plan on calling their 800# on monday, but i have a feeling i am going to get the that is no longer supported..

So here is my favortie add on .. I have an RV 180 and it doesn't work either.

So if i go plug in another brands device that is MUCH more complicated to setup.. works.. and they got great documention.

Would love to hear some REAL help on this one...

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Sorry to see that you're having difficulties. Calling support is a great idea and usually is the fastest way to get QuickVPN issues resolved. If the RVS4000 is over a year old and the RV180 is not, open a case for the RV180 instead. Chances are the problem is affecting both devices. I can tell you from experience that both the RVS4000 and RV180 work perfectly with QuickVPN provided they are set up correctly and the PC you are connecting from is as well. I always say the following:

1) Take a new router out of the box and give it internet access

2) Create a QuickVPN user

3) On the newer routers (RV180), Remote Management MUST be enabled on port 443 or 60443

4) With a brand new Windows XP, Vista, or 7 PC, install the QuickVPN client. Windows firewall MUST be enabled on Windows Vista and 7.

5) Connect from the internet and it will be successful.

Some things that can stop QuickVPN connections:

1) ISP blocking ports. This is rare but it happens. Try port 60443 from the client.

2) Third party firewall software blocking ping replies from router. This results in "Remote Gateway is Not Responding..." message.

3) Bad username or password.

4) Double NAT (VPN router behind another router or modem/router with firewall)

5) Forwarding VPN ports. (Strangely this appears to allow you to connect)

You have an unusual case, especially since both the RVS4000 and RV180 are affected. If you want to try and troublshoot here, please draw a topology of your network and post it. Also, provide more details about the internet connection, ISP, what exactly you are forwarding, etc.

I am sure we can help you get this working one way or another.

- Marty

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