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RVS4000 Multiple VLANs Not Routing

I have a couple RVS4000's and I use one of them as a router on a stick with two VLANs in it.

Two VLANs works fine.

However, when I add another VLAN, it will not route it.

I looked in the routing table and it doesn't show any routes for the new VLAN.

I can see the routes for the other two VLANs but my third VLAN is nonexistent.

The most I can get it to do is ping the routers VLAN IP interface.

I can't access the switches' interface on that VLAN or anything else on the new VLAN.

Is this a known problem?

Does this thing only route two VLANs?

Cisco Employee

Re: RVS4000 Multiple VLANs Not Routing

Need a little more info please.

Would this be an accurate topology for you?

CLOUD >> Gateway Router (GWR) >> RVS (L3) (as L3 Switch, nothing connected to WAN port) >> Switch (L2) >> Clients

IP addressing (LAN):


L3: V1



L2: V1 172.16.10.X/24

Need to know how you are connecting the RVS. If you do have a GWR do you also have a route for new network pointing back to the RVS?

Community Member

Re: RVS4000 Multiple VLANs Not Routing

Thanks for the quick reply...

Here is what I'm working with now (currently works):

Cable Modem 1 ---> RVS4000 (Master) ---> Swtich (L3)

Cable Modem 2 ---> RVS4000 (No VLANs) ----> Switch (L3)

The Master RVS4000 routes all the VLANs (Trunk) and NAT/PAT Internet for the servers.

The Other RVS4000 is just running the default VLAN and routes NAT/PAT Internet for the clients.

The L3 switch is an SGE2010P and I distrubte the VLANs through this switch.

I also have a WAP4410N that is trunked to the Client VLAN right now.

IP Addressing:

RVS4000 (Master): (VLAN 1)

                    (VLAN 100)

RVS4000 (Clients): (VLAN 1 - Router is not aware of the VLANs)

Switch: (VLAN 1)

   (VLAN 100)

The problem is when I make another VLAN:

RVS4000 (Master): (VLAN 110)

Switch: (VLAN 110)

I am unable to communicate with the new network.

Nothing shows up in the RVS40000 (Master)'s routing table for the new network.

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