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RVS4000 Port Mirroring

When setting up port mirroring it appears that only the RX for the port is mirrored.  Most devices that I've worked with allow for "[rx|tx|both]" options on the mirrored port.  Is there a way to setup the RVS4000 to mirror both TX and RX for a single port?

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Re: RVS4000 Port Mirroring

Though this is straight from the administration guide:

Mirror Source Use this to enable or disable source port mirroring for each port on
the router. To enable source port mirroring on a port, check the box next to that
port. To disable source port mirroring on a port, leave the box unchecked. The
default is disabled.
Mirror Port Select the mirror destination port from the drop-down menu.

However if you are not given the options by default it should be set at both.

I will try to confirm this and get back to you.

Thank you,


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Re: RVS4000 Port Mirroring

I too am experiencing the exact problem. This is extremely frustrating when port mirroring was the primary feature for which I purchased the product. In fact the only reason that I replaced my functional existing router was so that I could mirror and examine external traffic. Cisco, please inform us how to achieve full port mirroring or how soon a firmware update addressing this blatant problem will be released.


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