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RVS4000 QuickVPN unable to connect

All software and firmware are the latest versions. Here is the error message. Can anyone help?

2009/12/27 17:23:36 [STATUS]OS Version: Windows XP
2009/12/27 17:23:36 [STATUS]Windows Firewall is OFF
2009/12/27 17:23:37 [STATUS]One network interface detected with IP address x.x.x.x
2009/12/27 17:23:37 [STATUS]Connecting...
2009/12/27 17:23:37 [STATUS]Connecting to remote gateway with IP address: x.x.x.x
2009/12/27 17:23:39 [WARNING]Remote gateway wasn't reached...
2009/12/27 17:23:41 [WARNING]Remote gateway wasn't reached...
2009/12/27 17:23:41 [WARNING]Failed to connect!

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Re: RVS4000 QuickVPN unable to connect

K G,

It looks as though the destination router (should be the RVS4000) is not seeing your connection request.

Try turning off block wan request on the RVS and then ping the WAN interface address. If you are not able to ping it from the intiating computer, you will not establish a vpn tunnel. The message shown indicates that you are not reaching the RVS4000. This could be for a host of reasons i.e. private ip address on the WAN of the RVS4000, firewall blocking access to the RVS, no internet access on the connecting computer, etc...

Please post more information about how and where your devices are connected, and to what they are connected to.


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