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RVS4000 - Remote VPN Access

I am trying to setup a VPN connection through an RVS4000 router; however, the connection times out.  I am able to connect to the VPN when I do not go through the router.  My setup is as follow:

Local Computer --> RVS4000 --> Internet --> Remote VPN Server

The RVS4000 is being used to protect a Windows Small Business Server.

Am I able to connect to the remote VPN using the RVS4000 or do I need to upgrade the router to something more substancial?


Re: RVS4000 - Remote VPN Access

I would make sure you are on the latest firmware but even then it shouldn't have any problems. I have windows enterprise server behind RVS4000 and its tunneling to another RVS4000 at a remote location 24x7. Need more information. What's the local subnet's on each side. The way i took it you are connecting to a vpn server from a local computer through the RVS4000 side. You can try to disable the IPS to see if it might be interfering with the connection. What type of tunneling protocol are you using ? Have you tried anything kind of trouble shooting ? If the local subnet on the RVS4000 is still , i would recommend changing it to something other than (2.1)(3.1)(4.1)



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Re: RVS4000 - Remote VPN Access

I found the problem.  I forgot that I forwarded 1723 to the Server to utilize it's VPN functionality. Once I took that off everything is working fine.  Thanks for the quick reply.

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