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RVS4000 Upstream throughput reduced when disabling IPS

I have a RVS4000 with firmware version Having read that throughput on the RVS4000 is reduced with IPS enabled, I tried disabling it with the following somewhat strange results: the download rates for a speed test done on speakeasy increased substantially as expected, but the upload rates decreased. A test done on whichvoip showed decreases in both upload and download rates.

To try to have more consistent results, I ran the first speakeasy test, followed by the first VOIP test, then the second speakeasy test and the second VOIP test. Then I disabled the IPS and repeated the tests. Wondering if anyone else has noticed something like this before.

Speakeasy speedtest

IPS Enabled

22.09 Down / 6.45 Up

21.23 / 6.58

IPS Disabled

50.35 / 4.50

57.72 / 2.83

VOIP speed test

IPS Enabled

8.13 / .984

7.78 / 1.24

IPS Disabled

3.85 / .794

4.23 / .561

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