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RVS4000-vpn connects but after a min or two it disconnects

I have the rvs4000 and work is requiring we connect to thier vpn server. I have set up the windows vpn connection as they ask. I am able to connect to the vpn and auth. but after about 2 minuintes the router disconnects me. I have connected to the modem direct and the vpn holds good, so the problem is in the router. The IT dept at work has tried all they know with no luck, I have also exhusted all I can think of, and I turn here for some new ideas.

The old company I worked for use the cisco adapter for the vpn with no issues. I have tried the quick vpn etc still no luck

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Re: RVS4000-vpn connects but after a min or two it disconnects


So your using the built in client of windows to create a pptp tunnel?, make sure you have the latest firmware on your device which should be released in november of 2009

Make sure your firewall settings allow multicast passthrough and also try changing your MTU size to 1492 which is more stable connection transmition size.

Lastly I would try to make sure you try the latest Quick VPN software.

Usually the best way to narrow down the issue while using QuickVPN is to attempt the connection and then look at the log it generates inside the root folder of the program. With that information you could get a better understanding of why your connection fails. If you capture that and post it back we could further help you out.

Lastly if you are within phone support please give our call center a call to further assist you with this issue.  Thanks


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Re: RVS4000-vpn connects but after a min or two it disconnects

In order to correct this issues you should take the proper steps.

-REflash the firmware  Download the latest firmware from and upload it into the router

- Then factory default the router once the firmware has been uploaded

- Reconfigure the router manually, don't upload the previous configuration

- Create a test account- CLICK ADD/SAVE TAB then save the settings

- Click the GENERATE certificate tab, then click on export for client and ( SAVE  TO THE INSTALLATION DIRECTORY OF THE QUICK VPN SOFTWARE) once you click the generate tab please save the settings

- Once you perform this task try to connect again and see if it works.

Note: if you can not stablish any connection please contact us at 1866-606-1866

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Re: RVS4000-vpn connects but after a min or two it disconnects

Hi there!

We have a similar issue with our network topology.

The setup that is constituated at the moment is as follows:

Site 1:

Internet->RVS4000 WAN-connector->HP ProCurve 2510->LAN computers including a Microsoft SBS

The SBS has, until recently, been responsible for the connectivity through PPTP connectivity with GRE encapsulation.

Site 2:

Internet->D-Link DIR-655->LAN+WLAN

At Site 2, clients have been using the PPTP client to establish connections to the SBS through the RVS4000. After having discovered the QuickVPN client, the RVS4000 at site 1 was configured with client accounts for VPN accounts and connections have then been established herethrough.

Some info about my equipment:
RVS4000 running firmware

What happens now, is that when clients try to connect from site 2 to site 1, either through QVPN or through PPTP, their Outlook Exchange connections is flipping on and off all the time.

Firmware upgrading in the RVS was made straight through and without any resetting. Is this the advice here as well? To do a reset of the router and then reconfigure it manually?

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