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RVS4000 VPN RVS4000 PORT Forwarding

I am trying to forward ports over vpn between two rvs4000's.

Both sites have rvs4000 as acting router\gateway etc. VPN is established and been working for months.

Firmware version on both is V1.3.0.5.

Site 1 has a static ip and currently hosts web server, mail server, ventrilo etc. Site 2 has a dynamic ip.

Site 2 is using dyndns for name ip resolution even though its ip has not changed in over a year.

Site one uses private ip structure 172.16.73.x while site two uses 172.16.77.x.

(Site 2's ISP filters all ports except those used for VPN.)

I want to move web, mail and ventrilo servers from site 1 to site 2 and forward web, mail and other port apps to site 2 via vpn

from site 1. I attempted this using the "single port forward" with no luck.

My question is it possible to accomplish what I and trying to do? And if so how?

Community Member

Re: RVS4000 VPN RVS4000 PORT Forwarding


This is not supported unfortuantely. The RVS and other small business platform routers will not allow you to route through the ipsec tunnel interface. This interface is only a virtual interface and cannot be the destination for non LAN originating requests. This is a function of an enterprise class device.

I am sorry but it will not work on these devices.


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