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RVS4000 will not accept QuickVPN connection

First, some basic information.

RVS400 has a public IP address, I have setup two accounts on the RVS4000.  I am trying to connect from a windows XP machine, and a Vista machine.  All attempts end with...

2010/09/08 11:13:41 [STATUS]Connecting to remote gateway with IP address: 24.106.*.*

2010/09/08 11:13:42 [WARNING]Remote gateway wasn't reached...

2010/09/08 11:13:42 [WARNING]Failed to connect.

2010/09/08 11:13:43 [WARNING]Remote gateway wasn't reached...

2010/09/08 11:13:43 [WARNING]Failed to connect.

2010/09/08 11:13:43 [WARNING]Failed to connect!

The RVS4000 is not behind a fireall, I have it setup to respond to WAN requests, and both windows machine have been tested with their corrosponding firewalls up and down.

Any ideas?

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Re: RVS4000 will not accept QuickVPN connection

So no ideas?

Re: RVS4000 will not accept QuickVPN connection

Hi, My name is Eric Moyers. I am a Network Support Engineer in the Small Business Support Center.

When dealing with QVPN it can sometimes be tedious, finding the issues why it is not connecting. But these are some of the things to look at:

  1. The ports that Quick VPN use are 443 (this is where you get the certificate check) and 60443 as the alternate.  It then uses ports 500, and 4500 for the IPSec session.
  2. Another thing to check on your current network would be to see if there are any port forwarding rules for the previously mentioned ports that direct that traffic elsewhere in your network.
  3. Another thing that you can do is run a port scan from with in your network out. ( has program called Shield's Up that I use alot) With this program you want to scan the above mentioned ports and you want to find them open. Shield's Up scan from a security standpoint and will say FAILED if it is open but "OPEN" is what we need. If the port comed up stealth or blocked then you need to show results to you ISP and see about having the port opened either at their site or in the modem. Routers have no ability to open or close ports.

If after all this you still can can not get a QVPN connection, then please call us here at the Small Business Support Center or if you perfer call before and we can help walk you through some of this.

Eric Moyers
Cisco SBSC Network Engineer

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Re: RVS4000 will not accept QuickVPN connection


I am experiencing the same problem.

THis problem started occuring after I did the latest-and-greatest firmware update a few weeks ago - went from Linksys branding to Cisco branding.

Prior to this upgrade, QuickVPN worked like a total wizard.

After the upgrade, QuickVPN does not work at all.  Period.  And I end up whth the same error sequence in the QuickVPN log as the original poster.  It does not matter, WinXP, Win 7 - they don't work anymore.

Interestingly enough - there is an application for the Mac by IPSecuritas that punches through just wonderfully!  Not only is this a "third party" application, it's for the MAC no less!!  The "native" app doesn't work worth a darn.

I have several thousand dollars worth of billing riding on this - and I deliberatelly specified the RVS4000 router because it was (ahem!) so easy to connect through.

And yes, I created and uploaded new signature files, etc. etc. etc.

In fact, this has absolutely nothing to do with my ISP, because I am on a layered network.  The WAN side of my router is on a 192.168.1.x network, and the lan side is on a 172.31.100.x network.  So, there is no chance of the ISP blocking ports.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.


Message was edited by: Jim Harris (Added network information in next to last paragraph)

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Re: RVS4000 will not accept QuickVPN connection

Oh, one more thing. . . . .

Will someone PLEASE explain to me why QuickVPN requires admin priveleges to launch?  I thought folks were supposed to be writing software that was independant of admin privelege.


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Re: RVS4000 will not accept QuickVPN connection

I am inside a layered network so the ISP is not an issue.

I tried doing the "QuickVPN" thing with everything possible turned off - IPS, Firewall, etc. etc. etc.  Still no joy.

My suspicion is that the Latest and Greatest update made significant changes in the way VPN tunnels are managed - especially in the QuickVPN realm, so that the QuickVPN application won't work due to parameter mismatches somewhere.

I am going to see if I can find a "full blown" Cisco VPN application somewhere, and try that by setting various settings to see if it works.


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