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RVxxx series router IPv6 Interfaces and an SG300 Layer 3 switch

I am trying to configure a network for routing IPv6 on my SG300

and am looking if and what model of the Cisco RV series router would allow me to accomplish this

given that I already have an SG300 switch and the following requirements


Main requirements:

- The purpose of the network is for a Lab

- The use of IPv6 Unique local addresses should be used

- Leverage separate IPv6 subnets and vlans

(I am aware that broadcasts are no more with IPv6, but I still want to separate my IPv6 address space with subnets and leverage vlans)

- L3 Inter-vlan routing should be leveraged at the switch


Cisco SG300-10 Switch Notes:

- It appears that even though I can only add three IPv6 interfaces

- Each interface is using the same link local address

- One can not edit/delete/modify the link local address of an interface

- It appears that one can not add a unique local address (ULA) as only Local, Global, and anycast are given
  which forces me to add the ULA address as a Global address or an Anycast address

Cisco RVxxx Router Notes:

- It appears that only one IPv6 address can be created

- How does one associate an IPv6 with a VLAN?

- I dont know if the IPv6 DHCP will hand out address from the pools to the appropriate interfaces on the SG300



- The SG300 appears limited in its IPv6 abilities, I do not have a Cisco RV series router, but one is being looked into, if it can do what I want


If I had to "possibly" pull this off, I think this is what "might" meet my objectives

What I need to know is the following example will work to meet them?

If not is there something that I configure differently to do that?



note: I have updated the diagram to reflect the possible configs in the next posts


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I addition to what I think

I addition to what I think the SG300 config should look like

This is what I think an RVxxx router config would look like to what I want

note: I took the following screen shots from the emulator for the rv320 and rv325






New Member

I'll update the numbers in

Base on the above diagram scenario

This is what I think the SG300 would like to do what I want





I dont know if I also need to add the prefixes in addition to the router



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I was looking at the below

I was looking at the below article,

and I think to make the above work, I would also need to configure a DHCPv6 Relay on the SG300


Implementing DHCP for IPv6


DHCPv6 Relay Source Configuration
The DHCPv6 server sends its replies to the source address of relayed messages. Normally, a DHCPv6 relay uses the address of the server-facing interface used to send messages as the source. However, in some networks, it may be desirable to configure a more stable address (such as a loopback interface) and have the relay use that interface as the source address of relayed messages. The DHCPv6 Relay Source Configuration feature provides this capability.
Figure 2 shows simple network with a single client, relay, and server. The relay and server communicate over 2001:DB8:1::/64, and the relay has a client-facing interface on 2001:DB8:2::/64. The relay also has a loopback interface configured with address 2001:DB8:3:1/64.

When the relay receives a request from the client, the relay includes an address from the client-facing interface (Ethernet 1/0) in the link-address field of a relay-forward message. This address is used by the server to select an address pool. The relay then sends the relay-forward message toward the server. By default, the address of the server-facing (Ethernet 0/0) interface is used as the IPv6 source, and the server will send any reply to that address.
If the relay source interface is explicitly configured, the relay will use that interface's primary IPv6 address as the IPv6 source for messages it forwards. For example, configuring Loopback 0 as the source would cause the relay to use 2001:DB8:3:1/64 as the IPv6 source address for messages relayed toward the server.



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I was looking at the below

Is there anything else I can/should look at?



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