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SA520W Vlan's & DHCP and wireless LAN

Hi just started to configure my new firewall and ran into some problems:

1     I setup 3 VLAN's but cannot assign different subnets trough DHCP or manually.

       VLAN 's are working fine but they all get an ip from the same DHCP pool.

2    I setup one WLAN for each VLAN but there is no option to assign an SSID to a VLAN.

      No WLAN can access the LAN, can that be done?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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Re: SA520W Vlan's & DHCP and wireless LAN

Just got my question answered by a SBSC Nework Engineer (Richard):

The SA520 only has one DHCP scope, as you mentioned.   As a result, the

VLAN's are all port based VLAN's.

The steps you want to take to add your wireless SSID's to your vlan's is as follows:

1)   Under Wireless - Profiles - Create your SSID's.

2)   Under  Networking -  VLAN - Port VLAN  - You should see your

wireless SSID's listed here under your wired VLAN's.  

3)    Under Port VLAN,  Select the SSID that you want to add to VLAN's

and select EDIT.   -   Add VLAN's to that SSID.   In order to select

multiple VLAN's for a given SSID, you must set it to either General or Trunk port.

Tested by me and it works perfect.


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