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Sample VPN Configuration

Hello fellow Cisco community members,

I have recently acquired a Cisco Small Businses 180W Router and am trying to configure a Client-to-Gateway VPN on it.  I'm not expert on setting these up, but I do have quite enough experience that I feel like I should be able to figure this out.  Are there any sample configurations guides out there or walkthroughs that might be of further assistance?  I have been through the user guide, but I'm still a little lost on a few things.

The router itself sits behind a DSL modem that has a public static IP assigned to it from my ISP.  A Cisco DPC3825 modem to be exact.  I'm not sure if there is anything I will need to do regarding its configuration to allow VPN traffic to pass through it.  I have enabled the the IPSec VPN traffic passthrough setting on this device.

I have the WAN and LAN set up on the 180W, but am confused as to what settings need to be in place on the Basic and/or Advanced VPN setup pages.  I'm also wondering if I need to add any sort of inbound/outbound access rules for the VPN connection to work.

I know this seems like a lot, but I know I can do this, so I would love it if somebody could offer even the smallest of assistance. If you are needing any more sort of information from me, let me know and I'll gladly oblige. Thanks.


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Sample VPN Configuration

Some exampels ore guide lines will help me alot.

from page 104 of the rv180w_admin.pdf i got lost

that's because my knowledge of the VPN is not sufficient.

int range vpn range

To test I set DMZ in mij DSL router 'ZTE H220N'  to the wan ip adres of the RV180


Sample VPN Configuration

have a look at some examples here as well these are old but may help.

Regards Simon
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Re: Sample VPN Configuration

Indeed a good starting point

But the new firmware Gui looks a very different than the previous rv082 or 042

180 and the 120 almost have the same gui

some examples of the VPN wizard  ( ore advanced tab) will help a lot

Endpoint Information

Remote WANs IP Address  ???

     is this the internet ip ( ore

    the loc. int. ip ore the router that is connected 2 the inter net

      is this only used by only a gateway 2 gateway

Choose the type of address for the local gateway ?

        local ip address loc. int. router ?

        Ore is this only used by only a gateway 2 gateway

one other thing handy to know is, if now firewall rules are set is the router then in an allow all mode ore in bock all mode ?

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