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Secondary Network Routing

Although I think this is an easy question, I am quite rusty when it comes to IOS.  In an effort to save money my Temple is not upgrading our still working Cisco 831.  We are running a primary network - the "office network", and a new "Guest network", which is configured as the secondary network on the one Ethernet port.  Both networks are working fine and can access the Internet connection we have.

We want to prevent the guest network from being able to access the office network, yet still allow both to access the internet.  I have tried various combinations of ACL's - such as denying IP between and and vice versa, but to no avail.  I can still ping devices on one network from the other.

I originally was hoping to wire the guest network to one of the ethernet ports, and the office network to another; but on this router, I cannot address the 4 ethernet ports seperatly, so I am stuck putting both networks on the same wire.

Is this even possible to prevent the networks from seeing each other while still maintaining their internet connectivity?

Thanks in advance.


Re: Secondary Network Routing

Hi dhandler,

If it can't be done in the software in the router why not try hardware  access lists in managed L2 switch that connects to the router.

Just a thought, buying even a low cost SRW208, if you don't currently have a managed switch, has got to be most cost effective compared to upgrading routers.

regards Dave

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