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Segregating Home-Internet and Home-Office VPN

I have a pair of WRVS4400N's (192.168.x.x) providing a home to office VPN connection and now need to setup and segregate a general home network (10.196.1.x) for family.  I purchased a WRT610N for the home network hoping to put the WRVS4400N behind it and pass the VPN traffic through with routing and port forwarding but it will not work - VPN must see a public address on the WAN port.  Is there a way to put the WRT610N behind the WRVS4400N and segregate networks with VLAN?  I would appreciate any suggestions.  Thanks.

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Re: Segregating Home-Internet and Home-Office VPN

Hi Chas,

It sounds like your primary goal is to have an office subnet, and a family subnet and to segregate the traffic between them, is that correct?

If so, the WRVS4400N will do all of this for you without needing another router.  You will need to Vlan out the traffic (the 2 subnets you mentioned).  From here you can disable any inter-Vlan routing so that traffic from one network cannot see the other.  This also solves the problem of the WRVS4400N having a public IP address.

One last thing you might find helpful is that you can assign wireless SSID's to a VLAN so you can essentially link SSID 1 to the home network and SSID 2 to the work network.

Please let us know if that answers your question.



David L. Barrett, Jr.
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Re: Segregating Home-Internet and Home-Office VPN

Worked great, thanks! I was caught up playing with my mental blocks I guess and making it more complex than necessary. Again, thanks.

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