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selective ping over vpn tunnel

I have established a vpn tunnel and can do most anything across it , connect to shares , ping network elements etc. I have one dillemma, certain addresses are not reachable across the vpn, but fully accessable when connected locally to the lan. I have been told that the vpn should not discrimnate against any traffic across the vpn, however I have a multi-site network that is living proof. Architecture is as follows: 3 sites one has an rvs4000 gigabit router (Site PA) and the other 2 have rv042 routers (sites Levittown & Bohemia), 3 network elements are not pingable across the vpn tunnels. The first one is an HP 4200 printer that has a web interface that is connected, and fully accessible (pingable and web interface) at Bohemia, but cannot be accessed (ping or web interface) from PA or Levittown through the tunnel. Another printer, an HP4250 at Bohemia has no problems, Second set of elements are PLC's (programmable Logic Controllers), at PA, that again are pingable from the local network but not across the vpn tunnel from Bohemia or Levittown, Everything else at these sites locally and across the tunnel work fine.  At first the problem was just with a single printer in Bohemia and I thought it was just the printer had some odd hardware problem ( but again everything works from the lan) now that I see the same problem on the PLC's I know there is more to it than a single hardware defect. I saw another person questioning the same thing on the home products section of this website back in 2006 but he never got an answer to the problem. Any clues out there would be greatly appreciated.

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