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Setting up RV082 for TeamViewer access to LAN

I am deploying a small wireless LAN ( at a remote site and would like to access a PC at LAN IP address across the Internet via TeamViewer so as to monitor devices on that LAN.  The wireless LAN uses about 12 Cisco Aironet 1310 bridges in a ROOT-NONROOT (I guess this is point-to-multipoint?) configuration.

Our ISP has given us a single static WAN IP address, subnet mask, gateway, and two DNS server addresses.

My intent was to assign our static WAN IP address from the ISP to our RV082 router, plug the LAN devices (including the PC at 1.2) into the RV082, and then use Network Address Translation (NAT) to forward TeamViewer traffic to the PC at 1.2.  But the RV082's user manual says NOT to use the router's WAN IP address in the NAT table.

So I'm confused as to how to send remote TeamViewer traffic to the PC inside my LAN.  Is NAT not the way to do this?  Should I be using port forwarding instead?

I guess another way of skinning this cat would be to put a second NIC in the PC and let the second NIC have the WAN IP address so that it would be the first point of contact from outside, but that defeats some of my purposes for having the RV082 in the first place.

Thanks for any help you could provide.  I'm a networking newbie.


Brent Auvermann

Amarillo, TX

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Setting up RV082 for TeamViewer access to LAN

Hello Brent,

My understanding of Teamviewer is that you do not need to do any port forwarding. It is a client based software that will call out to the internet which opens a way for you to connect back in.

You should be able to install the software on a computer on your network and on a computer off the network. Using the account you create, you should be able to log in remotely from either computer without worrying about the RV082.

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