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New Member

Small Business RV042 VPN cannot connect to network

Hi All,

I hope i've posted in the right place! first timer...

I am having difficulty with gateway to gateway vpn on RV042.

I have site A and site B,

  • both have static IP address,
  • local IP at site A is
  • local IP at site B is

I have configured each site as directed in the documentation, the sites connect ok within the admin consoles, I cannot browse any resources from either site. Site A is a domain.local and I am part of that domain at site B. I can ping site B local address from site A and vice versa however I can not ping any of the servers or NAS devices on either network. the only device I can ping successfully inside the network is a phone server (splicecom unit).

I have read various posts in the discussion boards but have found no resolve. Internet access is fine from either site.

Would anybody know if there is anything else I have to do?

I think that it could possibly be a DNS issue but am unsure, should I add DNS entries in the advanced section, if so what DNS would I enter?

If it helps any...

BT adsl, vigor modems, RV042 in gateway mode. Server @ site A win server 2003, machines @ site B win 7 pro and ultimate.


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New Member

Small Business RV042 VPN cannot connect to network


Can anybody help with this i'm at a loss so far, I've moved the post to this section as It had plenty of views but no replies, To be honest I don't really know which best discussion board to place the problem,


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Small Business RV042 VPN cannot connect to network

Wrong forum, post in "small business - routers"/ You can move your post using the actions panel on the right.

New Member

Small Business RV042 VPN cannot connect to network


I have added split DNS to site A but still cannot access anything, can anybody help with this?

could it be anything to do with the different IP ranges? would I have to add say site B ip range as another scope on the server at site B and possibly add an IP from that range to the LAN card. Presuming that this may be the problem is there not an easy way to route the traffic or am I on the wrong track? or maybe I interpret the use of the VPN incorrectly...

We currently use watchguard mobile vpn at another site and this provides the client with an IP from the internal network which allows access to internal shares. although this is ideal for mobile users would preferably like a Hardware VPN for site to site. If I can get this working I can then incorporate use of the quick VPN client.

Any help is appreciated,


New Member

Small Business RV042 VPN cannot connect to network

Hi Paul,

If you can ping LAN IP address of remote router form site A to Site B and visa versa than the tunnel is working fine.  The fact that you can access the phone server is another prove.

Now, the reason why you can't ping some of the devices across the tunnel is that most of the devices do not reply to ping, unless you set up to make them to do so.  This is especially so in regards to servers.  So get a reply make sure that the devices are set up to respond to ping. 

Also, make sure that the devices that you are pinging are in subnets. 


Make sure that Watchguard is not blocking.



New Member

Small Business RV042 VPN cannot connect to network

I don't have any experience with Gateway-toGateway connections, but I have found that Client-to-Gateway connections using QuickVPN don't work for me unless each side is using both a different IP range (which you have according to your first post) and also have a different subnet mask (I use on one end, on the other).

Not sure whether or not that will help, or whether it's completely different issues on a Gateway-to-Gateway connection, but I thought I'd at least throw it out there for you to try.

Hope it helps, let me know!

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